Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HSM2 Sitzprobe

Last night was the "sitzprobe" for our production of High School Musical 2. If you Google it, you will learn that it’s a German word that means "sitting down and singing with the orchestra." In some circles it is referred to as "first band-call." It is the very first time during our very short rehearsal process that all elements of sound - orchestra and voices - come together and it is a very exacting and highly important process. As our Technical Director Bill Yates Jr. said, "Very few people will notice a missed lighting cue, but if something happens with sound, we hear about it." Microphones are calibrated for each of the performers and they stand on stage right in front of the orchestra pit and sing along with the musicians (and boy do they sound fabulous)! Our highly talented musical director Eddy Robinson had been working through every performer's song repertoire during the rehearsal process and now his attention is turned to the union of voices with instruments. And our sound designer, Duncan Edwards, took painstaking measures to ensure the high quality of the sound - and what a rockin' sound we heard last night! We are going to blow the roof off of Raleigh Memorial Auditorium!

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