Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girls Night Out!

It is amazing how magical the words "Girls Night Out!" can be! I sent out an email to some of my friends asking them to come see The Full Monty with me on Wednesday night, and had 44 "yes" responses! It was a perfect evening. Sally Struthers and Joe Coots came to greet us in the Backers' Club before the show and couldn't have been friendlier!

All the girls plus Sally and Joe

One of my friends asked me how long I had known Sally, because she acted like we were best friends. She is precious! Joe is a wonderful, personable character as well, who seems to love having a good time. All of my "girls" sat near each other at the show, and I have never heard so much deep-belly laughter coming from a group of women in my life. We were giddy, and it was positively therapeutic!

To me, life is all about making memories and we certainly made them that night. Only six of us "younger" women were crazy enough to brave the late-night entertainment, but sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for the fun we had after the show at Cabaret Night at Solas with the cast. The music was beautiful as many of the cast members sang some of their favorite songs. They graciously let us take pictures with them after the entertainment. That's a big thrill for those of us who admire talent from afar, and it made us feel like we were really getting the NYC/Broadway (or at least the Raleigh/Glenwood Ave.) experience.

Janice McKenzie & Joe

Joe and Wanda Stevenson at Solas

My daughter, Mary Beth, getting some sugar from Joe!

Family photo with Joe

Edythe Poyner, Josie Hall and myself at Solas with Ken Griggs, cast member "Teddy" of THE FULL MONTY

Edythe (who had a walk-on role that night!) and myself

Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Debbie Woody

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