Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet the Orphans of NCT's ANNIE!

English Bernhardt* (Annie)
Katherine Fritsch* (July/Annie understudy)

Mary Kate Englehardt* (Molly)

Kelsey Healey* (Tessie)

Payton Prince* (Duffy)

Alexa Robertson* (Kate)

Kelsey Walston* (Pepper)

Allison Cochrane* (Orphan)

Grace DeLoache (Orphan)

Avery Hoerdemann* (Orphan)

Hannah Hoskins (Orphan)

Mary Callan Kelso* (Orphan)

Hayley Lundberg* (Orphan)

Alexis van Venrooy* (Orphan)

Cady van Venrooy* (Orphan)

*Denotes the actress takes classes at the NC Theatre Conservatory

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Nina said...

This will be a great show starring English!!!