Thursday, August 19, 2010

Patron Testimonial

We attended the student preview of Annie. It was simply magnificent. I saw Annie three times during the original Broadway run. I was fortunate enough to see Miss McArdle as that sweet little girl with that huge voice who captured New York, so it was a real treat to see her play Miss Hannigan.

The principals, Mr. Newman as Warbucks and Ms. McArdle and Miss English as Annie delivered a brilliant performances. They so completely engaged the audience that one might have overlooked the standout chorus. But one couldn't. Hard Knock Life, an American classic, was made fresh and new and sparkling by your orphan chorus. This production's turn on Hooverville crept beneath the skin with its haunting images of good people broken by bad times. I have never seen it performed so powerfully.

One could really carry on about every chorus number in the show. From Annie's introduction to Warbucks' mansion, to FDR and his cabinet, to the NBC Studio and Your Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, including the orphan's reprise, the chorus was superb. That so many of the cast members have their roots in NC Theatre and its school speaks volumes for your organization.

NC Theatre's ability to assemble such a wonderful production is unparalleled. We have been in attendance for the past three seasons and continue to be dazzled. I look forward to each production, and I always expect to see a great show. But, each time, the productions surpass even my elevated expectations. I've been spoiled by your success.

Thank you for sharing these great musical theatre experiences with us.


Hank Barsanti

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