Monday, June 6, 2011

Most Memorable Hairstyle Photo Contest

North Carolina Theatre and BOOM! Magazine invite you to enter the Most Memorable Hairstyle Photo Contest in honor of Hairspray!

From BOOM!...

You know what I'm talking about... those photos from the past that make you cringe, laugh or simply remember an enjoyable time in your life.

Photo can be from any era:

'40s: those Joan Crawford bangs, the Veronica Lake curls
'50s: the Marilyn Monroe classic, the infamous "DA" and pompadour
'60s: the Beatles bowl cut, Cher's long, straight "hippy" hair
'70s: the Farah Fawcett mane, Angela Davis' afro or Jim Morrisson's locks
'80s: big hair - male or female!

Get the idea? If you dare to share, we are offering packages to see Hairspray at North Carolina Theatre, July 23-31.

1st place: four tickets plus a VIP package that includes admittance into the Backers Club for appetizers and drinks one hour prior to the show and during intermission and VIP parking

2nd & 3rd place: two tickets each to see the show.

Submit your photo entry as a digital file by June 20 - email and you will be entered to win. Winners will be contacted by North Carolina Theatre to select a show preference, some limitations may apply.

Winning photographs will also be published in the July issue of BOOM! Magazine.

Break a leg!

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