Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Curtain Speech

So the stakes are pretty high in my mind since the talent on the stage for this production of Miss Saigon is "off the Richter scale" thus my delivery cannot stumble or fumble and after all, I'm representing a Theatre company... I block the speech, then practice and practice... Perhaps it's my latent desire to be on that stage in a different capacity that drives me to rehearse in this way. There's my little secret again, laid bare! I love reading and language and try to pair adjectives for Tuesday night to vary slightly from the script I have prepared, I scrawl on an index card: "awed by mesmerizing" (that's for Kevin Gray). "deeply moved by poignant yet powerful" (for Jennifer Paz) and the kicker "heart throbs for the passionate" (for Eric Kunze). For this show I enter from the stairs at house right, after working my way backstage. Drinking in that pre-show energy gets me in the right groove - one more sip of water, I grab the mike and go.

-Lisa Grele Barrie
Interim Executive Director

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