Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss Saigon Reviews

There are only 7 performances left of Miss Saigon! Reviewers came opening weekend and loved the show! See below for highlights from each review, and click on their links for the full story!

Roy Dicks of The News & Observer said, "The gritty reality of this Vietnam-era drama takes special understanding and commitment to make it work. Such is the case for NC Theatre's current riveting, emotionally gripping staging."

Zack Smith of the Independent Weekly states, "On a technical level, this is perhaps one of the most impressive productions ever seen at Memorial..." and went on to say "This is a huge hit for NC Theatre."

Robert McDowell of the Classical Voice of North Carolina said, "With stellar performances of Jennifer Paz, Eric Kunze, and Kevin Gray and its outstanding supporting cast, the North Carolina Theatre’s gala presentation of Miss Saigon proves once again that the Raleigh-based regional theater can create must-see musicals that rival the best of the bus-and-truck series. Don’t miss it."

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