Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There is nothing quite like participating in the audition process. The atmosphere is laced with the full range of human emotions: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, impatience, joy, elation, pride, disappointment. Recent auditions for The Sound of Music elicited responses from over 330 talented, local performing artists who braved the heat and the crowds for a chance at 32 roles. The intensity of those who sit on the "other side of the door" and must evaluate and critique each and every performance in less than a minute (16 bars if you please) is another world of mind-boggling decision-making based on vision, role, type and talent.

For the past 6 months I have been in quasi "audition mode" as I performed the part of "Interim Executive Director" at NC Theatre. After a nationwide search, I was offered the role of a lifetime (Executive Director) and accepted with gratitude. I showed up and did my best and was cast. It was the right time and I was the right type. I encourage all local performers to come out for NC Theatre auditions because they provide unforgettable moments that build character and competence - it all starts with showing up!

Lisa Grele Barrie
Executive Director

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