Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hills are alive...with The Sound of Music!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately - lots of exciting things have been happening here! We closed Disney's High School Musical 2 at the end of June and now are in full swing with rehearsals for The Sound of Music. Five actors from New York City are a part of the cast and they join our talented local performers who make up the von Trapp children, nuns and the chorus roles! For a complete cast listing, please click here.

I have had the privilege to see some of the rehearsals this week and everything is coming together nicely. It is amazing to watch Richard Stafford (our director) work with the children and all of the actors. His attention to detail and his vision for the show is unbelievable. At first, when he gives a note of direction, I think to myself...that is such a small detail, how will that make a difference? (But, what do I know??) When the actor applies what he has given them, it really makes all the difference in the world.

I've watched a few scenes - Do-Re-Mi is my favorite so far - I can't help but sing along with them! Kate Fisher (Maria) is so talented and works very well with the kids - I can definitely see why she was cast in this leading role and is a great 'Maria' in my opinion. All of the kids seem to enjoy working with her as well!

Sunday is the designer run and that is always one of my favorite parts of the process. It is the first complete run-through of the production - with no sets, costumes, microphones, orchestra, etc. - just the actors and all that they have learned over the past week. It is also the first time all of our creative team comes together to watch the show. The Lighting Designer (Craig Stelzenmuller) and Sound Designer (Brian L. Hunt) and all of our other designers (costumes, wigs, makeup, etc.). They are furiously making notes and writing down all that they need in order to do their job the following week at our technical rehearsals - where every lighting and sound cue is set and the actors block their parts on the Raleigh Memorial stage.

Our process at North Carolina Theatre is a quick one, but we always produce a top-notch, high quality production. Stay tuned for more posts related to The Sound of Music over the next few weeks...we hope that you will come and see the show (July 25-August 2)!

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