Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Share the Stars: Guest Blog

We received a very lovely letter from a teacher at Credle Elementary School after she took some of her students to see Cinderella. This was made possible by our generous corporate sponsors who participate in ourShare the Stars program. You can make other kids' dreams come true by participating as well!


THANKS Soooooooooooooooo MUCH for making it possible for these kids & families from C.G. Credle Elementary School in Oxford to experience tonight's FABULOUS performance of "Cinderella"!!

With 24 hours notice I was able to secure a county activity bus and we ended up taking 42 on the bus, and four other families drove on their own.

Your GENEROSITY opened the eyes of these kids to a whole new world, allowing them to begin to see and experience that DREAMS they never even imagined ARE POSSIBLE.

Although we rode down in an old activity bus, for a few hours this evening you turned their PUMPKIN into a GOLDEN CARRIAGE giving them the opportunity to ATTEND THE BALL, a memory that will stay with them forever!

More letters from the kids will be forthcoming, but I couldn't go to sleep tonight without letting you know HOW WONDERFUL this experience was for these young people, many of whom rarely, if ever, travel more than 5 miles away from their home.

Again, THANK YOU for making this evening POSSIBLE!!!

Cindy, Music Teacher

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